Library Update for December

Read All About It – in this month’sFerndale Friends issue.

The most overwhelming thing about working in a library is you want to read just about every new book that’s added to the shelves.

We couldn’t satisfy that urge even if we tried, as we’ve just been too busy! The staff at the Ferndale Public Library has found that our visitors take out an average of more than 100,000 items (this includes not only books, but magazines, audio books and other media) per year.  Staff has added roughly  7,000 more new items to our collection since 2008, with new items arriving nearly daily.  We even had a day this past August where we checked out an average of 94 items per hour (that sounds like we should get a speeding ticket, or something, whoo). Thanks for checking us out!

If I can toot our own horn for just one more sentence, the Ferndale Public Library has tripled the amount of special/community programs we have offered to the public, per month, since 2008.  Wanna hear about some of our December programs?

How about a sing-a-long? Embrace your merry/jolly/good-cheer side and give voices to the sugar-surged caroler in us all; assuming you either, a.) celebrate Christmas or b.) just happen to love the songs and adventures of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. December 14th 6:30pm in our Community Room – We’re hosting a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Sing-a-Long, screening the classic claymation Rank & Bass production from the mid-60’s welcoming all ages (with no registration required) to settle in and join the chorus.

For a more secular/seasonal celebration, Ann Arbor-based environmental/family-friendly singer/songwriter Joe Reilly is returning to the Ferndale Public Library December 20th to join our Head of Youth Services, Jillean McCommons (known to our young readers as just Ms. Jillean), to celebrate the Winter Solstice with a night of music, stories, crafts and snacks.

“(Reilly) tours all over the state and the nation and wanted to return to Ferndale after his first visit,” McCommons said. Indeed, many parents had been asking when he might return, ever since his visit/performance last summer. “He is one of the most popular musicians making music for children and families in the region,” McCommons added. “I think, like so many people who come to visit Ferndale, (Reilly) saw something really special about this community. I’m really happy to work together with him again to create a fun and interactive program to celebrate the beginning of the winter season.”

New Collection

In other news: Last June, Blumz floral company sponsored a Victorian/punk-themed benefit for the Ferndale Public Library, propping our Queer for Books Book Club, and spotlighting the recently published work of local author Kathe Koja, Under The Poppy.

The money raised from that event is being used to purchase books for a Queer Book Collection, including literary works by authors and about characters or events within the LGBT community. These items will begin being added for regular circulation throughout December.


Book Clubs

Back to keeping busy – we’re also facilitating a good number of book clubs, spanning age groups and genres, offering our patrons an opportunity to connect with fellow readers in their community. If you’re not already a regular reader for one of these clubs, maybe this is the season you should step out and find others who might love, say, Ray Bradbury’s flare for imaginative sci-fi with pastoral prose, (that’d be the Science Fiction Book Club’s pick, this month, Something Wicked This Way Comes), or maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to ponder over some heavier narratives that unpack social issues, (like the Thursday Book Club’s pick, Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.) Visit the Kid’s Corner for info on our multiple youth book clubs, Kindegardent/1st Grade, 2nd/3rd Grade, 4th&5th, “Tween-the-Pages” and “Teen Remix.”

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