Confessed Library Dork

I suppose it’s certifiable now… since:

“Is R.L. Stine here?

Because you’re giving me Goosebumps!” …
yeah, that garnered an indicting belly laugh from me…

…just one of many book-wormy jokes fired off throughout last night’s new episode of the Simpsons…

So, then, yes, I must be a library-dork, now.

Mostly, …I’m proud.

If you missed it, renowned gothic/fantasy author Neil Gaiman (who’s given us American Gods, Sandman…and, I might add, FPL’s recent “Tween The Pages” Book Club selection, The Graveyard Book), cameoed in an episode that, cliche as it sounds (like we’re cosmo-swigging, sleek, stylish debutantes marveling over Sex & the City) felt as though it could have been written by your FPL staff.

References to Stine’s ubiquitous perpetual spill of thin spooky paperbacks, and the injustice of abridged!! audiobooks, to the ludicrous ubiquity of Vampire-esque themes and elements in Young Adult “literature” (thus to leave the Harvard-heavy staff of Simpsons writers to send little Bart and Lisa on an Ocean’s Eleven-parody to swindle their way into a corrupted industry sustained by desperate Lit Grad students who churn out this fluff only to have J.K.-Rowling-esque camera-friendly stand-ins impersonate the ostensible/ethereal author-figure).

In the end, Gaiman wins… (And speaks in an American accent).

Fantasy Writer Neil Gaiman Appears In The Simpsons (via HuffPo)

Anyhow… That I was able to get such a thrill from all of these antics, from a show I’ve grown up with and recall worshipping because of its subtle avant-garde humor, its flares for the bizarre and its acute sense for (zany) satire, but, here, now, laughing at an episode that Me-5-years-ago would have probably shrugged off as only an average one…if that… But yeah, surreal to hear crotchety bartender Moe Sizlack reference The Sandman series… (albeit while wielding a butcher knife).

I’m officially a Library Dork. It only took 20-some-odd months of tenure on the circulation staff, here in Ferndale.

And yes, yes I’m proud. I’m proud to be working in a place like this, through a service such as this, this is meaningful work, here, and a valuable place to the community – providing young readers with library cards, is, yes, (if you’ll allow me to embrace the cliché), is akin to providing them a key… And so many public computers with which citizens can access the internet, print out important documents or connect… to who/whatever.

And…yeah… DVD’s too.

But also, a finely stocked Young Adult section, bolstered by fine literary fare beyond the shelf-worth of inevitable Vampire fluff.

So yes. I laughed at those lame book jokes.

I ate it up.

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