Bake Sale (and Detroit Comics, SKYPE Book Club tonight)

Short Notice and Long Notice –

Short Notice:

Brooke Gladstone, of NPR’s On The Media (a favorite broadcast program for this writer, Sunday evenings), will meet with a new book club via Detroit Comics, with a Live Skype session, tonight, 11/11/11, at 7pm. “…This book club allows us to stay
connected with our community and give us focus on timely and modern topics.
With what is happening with the media and those who absorb/use/and are
transversly affected by it, this is the epitome of what we at Detroit Comics are
looking to stimulate in our converstation….”
Gladstone, journalist and media analyst, will discuss her graphic novel, with author Josh Neufield. More info from Detroit Comics. (23333 Woodward Ave)
Support Your Local Book Clubs!! Support these special mediums of culture – come, discuss, engage…read!


Long Notice (…somewhat):

We’re having a BakeSale at the Library – Saturday, Nov 19th –










And if you’d like to contribute a dish of sweets, your own personal favorite recipes, please stop by the circulation desk and ask for Pat… (We’ll need contributions before this coming Friday…)

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