Book News

From the Oakland Press, last weekend –Waterford library decides to close its doors on Fridays– Something else from the web, then, to chew on: from the Telegraph: As libraries close, is that the end of the stories? The widespread disappearance of public libraries can be avoided.

In cheerier news (or should I say, absurdist/humorist news) There’s new Non Fiction on most library shelves this week – Observer’s Pick: John Hodgman And Robert Siegel Consider ‘All’ Things, Some Of Them Rather Dubious – (Many will recognize the round-faced, beady-eyed quipster from his role as a human PC in those Mac commercials, or perhaps for his editorials on the air with The Daily Show) – his wit is out-of-this-world surreal, subtly applying cream-pies of high-minded, quirk-heavy hilarity to your face every other sentence. …And this book just might be about the end of all things… That Is All!

*Also on the new-Non-Fiction shelf: a book called “Free Ride,” by the journalist Robert Levine – whose work is featured in a recent Salon article: Does culture really want to be free? – asking: Are new media companies “digital parasites”? 

In Ferndale Library news – we have a Recycling Workshop – on Tuesday Nov 8th Library at 6:30 pmhosted by SOCCRA Recycling Center, this is a free workshop that can tell you more about what what’s -and how’s of your recycling material.

In random book-to-movie news: Paste Magazine provides updates on the Lorax Movie -heading to a multiplex near you, following the likes of Horton Hears a Who in terms of it’s bright, fancy computer-graphic animation… And, on a somewhat related note, – will Johnny Depp play Dr. Seuss in a biopic?

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