Fuel to the E-Reading FIRE

The Ferndale Public Library’s digital e-book service, OverDrive, (the place patrons go for downloads of “e-book” pdfs and audiobook mp3s) is now compatible with Amazon’s Kindle.

This update allows OverDrive’s e-books to be read on all Kindle devices (or through Appls on iPhones, iPads and Android devices). To get started, click ‘My Help’ on the lower (scroll down!) left hand side of the OverDrive site (tln.lib.overdrive.com, accessible via FPL’s main site).

In the News: Amazon unveiled, today, it’s latest eReader update: The Kindle Fire.

From CNET News: Kindle Fire an iPad killer? Yes. It’s the price, stupid

On the Washington Post’s site, there’s a video interview from Bloomberg, with business reporter Daniel Ernst discussing/predicting Kindle Fire’s potential impact on both the eReader and tablet market.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bazos didn’t mince-hyperbolic-words when he unveiled it: “We set out to improve upon the book…and when you decide you’re going to reinvent something that has been around for five centuries, you rightly receive some skepticism.”

Android, iPad, Windows Phone – this is a swing to combine all of those devices’ conveniences into one little box (seen above).

Stay tuned for more E-Reader news…

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