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If you’re a nerd (like most of us), then you’re probably not far from curious and anxious discussions regarding the forthcoming film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit…

No? We’re the only ones? Maybe you’re curious about the forthcoming movie-ization of the renowned Zombie-apocalypse-tome, World War Z -Whatever your preference, Paste Magazine has brought this list –
15 Novels You Should Read Before the Film Adaptation Comes Out

-acknowledging that there will be more than a dozen novel adaptations hitting the big screen (including the much-buzzed about teen action/adventure novel series The Hunger Games).

In other news:

Amazon Plans to Launch Digital Library Service (from Paste)

A headline from the Daily Mail (UK) wonders whether “Amazon wants to rekindle our love of libraries with e-store that allows you to borrow books…”
But Publisher’s Weekly’s blog brings in more ominous angles, reminding us how libraries often share in the same anxieties of publisher’s who watch advances in technology (digitized convenience) dictate reading audience’s preferred delivery modes.

Thus we’ve seen audience’s warming steadily to the e-Book-Readers.

Now, British book retailer Waterstone has announced it’s own  Upcoming Kindle Competitor – one of many recent move’s since that company’s recent change of ownership, promising a “much better buying experience” than Amazon’s Kindle.

We’ll see.

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