“No Easy Decisions…anymore”

Just in case you’d missed it: The Detroit Free Press ran an insightful and sobering editorial on the new normal of pinched municpal funding throughout the state of Michigan leading to painful, and perhaps at one time unthinkable cuts to services like “Libraries, property inspection, parks, swimming pools and recreation, as well as youth and senior programs…”

Hearteningly, though, it makes sure to commend the “charity and good will” of the Friends of the Romulus Public Library, “whose fund-raising efforts reopened the local public library after it closed on May 1 due to a millage defeat.”

Temporary relief is always attainable through millages, but how sustainable is that, when it really just feels like treading water. The Freep suggests: “multiyear budgets that set narrower priorities…” as another route toward relief.

The point to remember: these services, laid near the chopping block, are what make communities attractive to potential new residents (and visitors). “…people still want public services, trust their local governments, and accept more taxes if they know how their government will spend the money…”

We’ll see what happens.

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