Books Without Borders (or Pages)

Borders is headed for liquidation and already the doomsayers are buzzing their often-cycling ballyhoo across the Internet: – For bookseller, it could be the end from

So now, gurus upon the economy and the tech industry are conjecturing at causes. Ann Arbor(.com, the birthplace of Borders), ran a recent post from Business News Director Nathan Bomey: Borders’ expansion hastened its implosion.

Or was it the big bad E-Reader? (Something in which Borders itself embraced with its own Kobo).

^Think of it… you’re “entire library” being as portable as your “cell phone…”

Indeed. Daniel Silva was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, recently, and admitted that for the first time in his writing career, his new book, Portrait of a Spy would likely sell more digital copies than print.

As Ian Crouch posted, quite articulately, on the New Yorker’s Book Bench, the discussion now, as Borders’ liqudates, bounces between “an overzealous company that has failed or a harbinger of industry-wide doom…”
Books ~Without Borders
from The New Yorker

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