Breezy Summer Reading

Need some suggestions?

We’ve got an entire display’s worth! A hodgepodge of unapologetic  escapism – some of it pure effervescence- (that’s right, Macomber fans), some of it a bit more esoteric (On The Road is currently up) and some of it nostalgic homespun charm (Garrison Keillor, cheers). FPL’s staff has combed our collection to dig out some of the under-appreciated or overlooked entries from our shelves, too. You’d be surprised… I know we were…

But, if you don’t entirely trust us… NPR has also offered it’s collection of Summer Reading titles.


Three Critics Pick The Best Books For Summer

Hooray For YA: Teen Novels For Readers Of All Ages (Young Adult Reading! – Check out FPL’s Teen Spot (and LIKE it) while you’re at it!

And…this audio story: The Troubled History Of The Supermarket Tomato -which I post for the sake of Darlene…who counts the noted lycopene as her least favorite vegetable, ever!

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