E-Readers / Poppies / First Stop Fridays

I’m sorry print traditionalists and tech-weary Luddites – the revolution will not be laid out in type-set, it’s already glowing upon thin screens via glossy displays that even fight sun glare – the e-readers: be they Kindle, Nook …or Kobo…seem to be here to stay.

Mark W. Smith, Tech columnist for the Free Press recently broke it down for us, answering the question he’s asked most often: Which e-Reader should I buy?

(Grumble: Setting aside that you don’t need a device to read any of our print books, but nevermind…)

Ultimately, Smith advises: “… it depends how much of a reader you are. If you read sparingly, a tablet is a good option that can also fill that need. But if you read all the time, you won’t want to be tied to a heavier, eye-straining tablet screen to do it….”


Anyhow – the weekend is almost here – Please take note (and please consider attending!!) these exciting library programs – one includes two more local music acts making noise in our hushed, hallowed halls, the other works toward building a Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Book Collection – and help support our Queer for Books Book Club.

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