First Stop Fridays -Interview with Robin Goodfellow

Strange, staticy, sense-stretching sounds are coming to the shelves of the Ferndale Public Library.

One week from today, our humble, somewhat cozy (if somewhat drab) community meeting room will be galvanized by the tone-wringing, mind-slinging, psychedelic rock and noise-pop soundscapes of two of SE-Michigan’s best, brightest and most bemusing in the realms of experimental music. (Including Dearborn/Detroit-based quintet, Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment.)

FPL Observer received some communique from one (of our two slated performers). Robin Goodfellow -is a Ferndale based duo of musicians/artists who are guided by an imposing and somewhat mythical, somewhat ethereal, altogether inspiring (if not halfway frightening) entity. This entity is thus named Robin Goodfellow. The band (on film, seen above^)…is helmed by keyboardist/singer Nathaniel Burgundy IV and guitarist/pedal-ist A.P. MacKinnon.

Last year, they released their debut EP Susannah, You See Beyond -and followed it up with a steady string of some of the more interesting and entertaining live presentations one could hope to find in the area.

The band reported they are “60% complete” on their new venture–into crafting a full length LP. “In many ways this current exploration is simply an extension & extrapolation of what we’ve attempted to dissect in the past,” Burgundy said. That being: “‘How does one pierce the glittering veil of consciousness & unmask the figures who wait beyond?’ – We make our way backward through quasi-history to possibly find ourselves in the not-quite-future.”

“Musically with this record,” Burgundy continued, “we’re trying new ideas & techniques while remaining within the overall Robin Goodfellow palette. Noisy hooks & darkly pop dischord. Look forward to treats like remixes, surprise guests & a video collaboration with the talented & terrifying Katie Barkel.”

When asked if their creepy/captivating commander, Robin Goodfellow is pleased with their work, thus far: “Robin Goodfellow is surely never pleased. This is what I’m slowly discovering. Also, I fear we may have tapped into dangerous corners in attempting to communicate with him. I’ve had uneasy dreams lately.”

The duo will also be at the Lager House in Detroit, on May 22nd for the 20th anniversary of His Name is Alive. See them at the FPL – May 6th!

[[read all about it – > The Daily Tribune interviewed FSF Organizer and Local Music Archivist Kelly Bennett and Britton-based songwriter Timothy Monger- more info from Kelly’s blog]]

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