Metro Libraries facing closure

Today’s Detroit Free Press reports on the adverse circumstances many metro communities are facing regarding their local libraries.

Circulation/usage is up, thus so is a community’s ostensible need for library services. But, at the same time, decreases in both home values and revenue sharing along with varying budget constraints lead to municipalities inevitably having to make begrudged cuts – be it through layoffs, closing community centers, shaving City Hall’s business hours… or… in the case of Romulus, and some branches in Dearborn and Detroit… closing the local library.

From Melanie D. Scott / Bill Laitner’s 4/25 article: “At a time when demand is soaring, communities such as Detroit, Dearborn and Troy are facing major obstacles to keeping library doors open.” (Across Metro Detroit, Communities Bracing for Library Closings)

***On Saturday, April 23rd, Citizens for a Fair Ferndale hosted an Information Forum on the Headlee Override (coming on the May 3rd ballot). Representatives from both the Yes to Ferndale’s Future and the Citizens Saving Ferndale campaigns clarified to an assembly of inquisitory citizens in our own community room, that the Ferndale Public Library was established, years ago, as an independent body from the City of Ferndale, with an elected board and a one-mill dedicated tax, making it highly unlikely that it would be effected by any potential cut backs resulting from the Headlee Override.

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