“Soylent Green is people” – Green Films @ FPL

The Ferndale Environmental Sustainability Commission’s presentation of Soylent Green brings up the issue of food and the food industry…can it be both sustainable and safe…for human (consumption) and the environment?

Foodconsumer(.org) reports: “Foods with Scary Secrets”

From U.K.’s Mail online – “GM (Genetically Modified) foods ‘not the answer’ to world’s food shortage crisis, report says”

Interested in learning more? Come check out these books from the FPL:

In Defense of Food: “we face today a complex culinary landscape dense with bad advice and foods that are not “real.” These “edible foodlike substances” are often packaged with labels bearing health claims that are typically false or misleading. Indeed, real food is fast disappearing from the marketplace, to be replaced by “nutrients,” and plain old eating by an obsession with nutrition that is, paradoxically, ruining our health, not to mention our meals. Michael Pollan’s sensible and decidedly counter-intuitive advice is: “Don’t eat anything that your great-great grandmother would not recognize as food…'”


Food Matters: “Bittman takes a practical turn by concluding with 77 recipes that make earth-friendly eating doable and appealing. His collection of reliable recipes even includes such meat dishes as Thai beef salad, which isn’t meat-heavy, but rather has “just the right balance of meat to greens.” There are also such staples as super-simple mixed rice; “chicken not pie”; and modern bouillabaisse. Bittman decries consumption of “over-refined carbohydrates,” but doesn’t leave off without some sweets, including chocolate semolina pudding and nutty oatmeal cookies-suggesting, as the whole book does, that a diet in synch with the needs of the earth doesn’t result in a sense of utter deprivation. (Jan.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC.”

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