New Books @ FPL

Here’s a handful of books I recently processed and placed on our shelves…

David Foster Wallace’s unfinished/post-humous novel- The Pale King – “…The agents at the IRS Regional Examination Center in Peoria, Illinois, appear ordinary enough to newly arrived trainee David Foster Wallace. But as he immerses himself in a routine so tedious and repetitive that new employees receive boredom-survival training, he learns of the extraordinary variety of personalities drawn to this strange calling…

New York Times: “verges on the cultlike, and some of his admirers will doubtless argue that such passages are deliberate, an attempt to evoke one of the novel’s main themes, which is the nature of boredom itself. Others may wonder whether the author, a renowned perfectionist, would have revised the text had he lived, and even whether, in its unfinished state, “The Pale King” should have been published at all….”


A Covert Affair – by Jennet Conant ~ “…Conant brings us a stunning account of Julia and Paul Child’s experiences as members of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in the Far East during World War II and the tumultuous years when they were caught up in the McCarthy Red spy hunt in the 1950s and behaved with bravery and honor. It is the fascinating portrait of a group of idealistic men and women who were recruited by the citizen spy service, slapped into uniform, and dispatched to wage political warfare in remote outposts in Ceylon, India, and China. <p>The eager, inexperienced 6 foot 2 inch Julia springs to life in these pages, a gangly golf-playing California girl who had never been farther abroad than Tijuana. Single and thirty years old when she joined the staff of Colonel William Donovan, Julia volunteered to be part of the OSS’s ambitious mission to develop a secret intelligence network across Southeast Asia…”

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Conant’s vivid tapestry of the 1940s skillfully interweaves interviews, oral histories, memoirs, and recently unclassified OSS and FBI documents with unpublished diaries and letters….”

Appetite for Reduction – by Isa Moskowitz ~ “…Not your mother’s low-fact cookbook!” – 125 fast & filling low-fat vegan recipes.

Don’t be afraid – trust the healthy benefits (and surprisingly quick/low-fat dishes) cooked up from a Vegan’s kitchen…like Quinoa, White Bean and Kale StewRead more from the Post Punk Kitchen.

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