First Stop Friday – 4/1 – Oblisk & Jura

First Stop Friday ain’t fooling around –

on April 1st, the Ferndale Public Library welcomes two illustrious bands in the fields of atmospheric/psychedelic/rhythm-centric rock exploration….- Ferndale’s Oblisk and Detroit’s Jura.

“ancestors” – by Oblisk -streaming mp3

These are two bands that this writer has written a handful of pieces on, for local magazines, be they profiles or reviews. Here’s a couple to acquaint you with Oblisk – and a review (and band web site) to lead you into the world(s) of Jura.

“kalamazoo” – by Jura – streaming mp3

Fans of fuzzed-out dream pop and drone-indulging shoegaze, fans of propulsive, atmospheric-guitar-gored rock and fans of earthy-tinged, trip-hop-tinged experimental jams will find their ethereal heavens nestled into, of all places, the library, on Friday.

Come – Friday, 7pm, to the Community Room of the FPL; engage with your musically talented neighbors before they plug in, upon our humble “stage” and set to dazzlingly undermine the material world’s lucid frames with their warbling tones, feedback fogs and hypnotic rhythms… it’ll be a trip.

And, as always, acquaint yourself with our exceptional Local Music Collection.

And, finally, be forewarened (particularly from this writer, whose been covering this “music scene” for years) …the local talent slated to come through for the rest of the year will be quite astounding and make for some fine “first stops” for anyone’s Friday evening.

More news soon.

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