John Connolly Day – @ FPL – 7pm

It’s John Connolly Day…

The Dublin-based best-selling author will be at the Ferndale Public Library tonight – to discuss his 2006 fantasy/adventure novel, The Book of Lost Things, as well as a myriad other aspects of the writing experience from his particularly unique perspective (fed by a multifaceted background, including working a a reporter for The Irish Times.)

Ticket-holders, come see/hear/meet the Author – tonight at 7pm. Those without-tickets, please stop-by to see if there’s left over seats or standing room…

Get acquainted with Connolly’s works in the realm of mystery/suspense HERE

And read an insightful column on “Where do you get your ideas from?” –or, simply, the confounding, somewhat nerve-wracking and awe-inspiring fits and forays all writers experience at the very start of writing any book. There’s the “confrontational answer,” the “Oscar Wilde answer,” the “lunatic answer,” and many more… “There are, though, as many ways to write a book as there are writers,…”

Charmingly tangential and devastatingly insightful… more here

Tickets were handed out, for tonight’s speak, throughout the month of March – they were free and have since run out… – However… please show up around 6:45 if you would like to get a chance to “fill-in” for possible “no-shows.” Free tickets often suggest a more whimsical commitment, thus we are anticipating at least a modest amount of potential “no-shows” – but please be patient as we seat ticketholders first…

Also, the circulation desk will be selling fundraiser “Afterglow” tickets, granting access to a special event with John Connolly at the Woodward Avenue Brewery. Tickets are $30, granting one well-drink and the chance to schmooze with the author (after his speak), with money raised going towards next year’s Ferndale Reads Event.

Thank you all!

See you there!

visit John’s main site here.

and find author interviews here

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