Wizard of Oz – Sing-a-long tonight at FPL

I never had the proper Oz experience when I was young; I didn’t even actually see the film in it’s entierity (much less, more than 15-minutes’ worth) until I was about 17 or so… I like to think that I still turned out alright, despite my lacking the requisite technicolor splash of ivory and yellow…and tear-jerking ballads and winged monkeys and lollipop guilds…

…still… however your experiences have been with this film… one has to admit, it’d be interesting, if not surreal and, if not, potentially good-heartedly schmaltzy, to experience it in Sing-A-Long fashiong…inside your Public Library.

Tonight – the conclusion of our fairy-tale-tinged film series, the Other Side


Watch the classic and join in on your favorite tunes.
Admission and popcorn are free. 

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