John Connolly Afterglow Fundraiser

In case you haven’t heard: Bestselling author John Connolly will visit the Ferndale Library (on a special US Spring tour, from his home in Ireland) to acknowledge our celebration of his 2006 fantasy adventure novel The Book of Lost Things.

Connolly, it turns out, is quite multifaceted; for instance, he’s worked as a barman, as a government official and as a journalist, but he’s also quite a music aficionado. You can tune into his radio show (heavily featuring seminal UK new wave and post punk artists) here. You can learn more about his novels, including some award-winning works in the thriller/mystery genres, here. And…read an interview with John on his writing process, here.   

March 29th, John Connolly will speak at the Ferndale Public Library, at 7 p.m. The event is free but seating is limited. Free tickets were passed out at our circulation desk and have since “sold out.” Since these tickets were free, current ticket-holders were encouraged, should their personal circumstances for availability that night shift, to please return these free tickets and allow for the next potential patron to take their spot.

Our best advice: show up early – as there should be some standing room in the back of our Community Auditorium. Or, the best case scenario, we will hopefully have a few more remaining free tickets that may happen to be returned between now and Mar 29.

Beyond the free author’s speak, we are hosting a fundraiser for next year’s Ferndale Reads Program in 2012 – and John Connolly has agreed to thus extend his visit with an afterglow at the Woodward Avenue Brewery.

Tickets are $30 (price includes one drink–beer or wine and the chance to “schmooze” with the author). There are only about 20 tickets left (available at our circulation desk).

The afterglow gets started at 8:30 pm.

more info

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