iPad 2 Brings More Advancements in E-reading

TechNews Daily has reviews on the best/latest E-Readers
“There are plenty of e-readers out there, but the only ones worth talking about have an established bookstore behind them,” Greengart told TechNewsDaily. “Technology is actually secondary,…”

Greengart added that the newly unveiled Apple iPad 2 offers “everything in one device from surfing the Web to using front-facing and rear-facing cameras”…when it comes to the e-book connoisseur… it’s features: “an arsenic-free 9.7-inch color LCD touch screen with a resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels…”

Yikes! Give me a dusty old leather-bound bundle of parchment!

It’s about time I linked to this intriguing blog, The Digital Reader, as I can feel my own luddite-urges swelling in the face of an accelerating e-book industry. “Why cloud-based ebooks bring out the Luddite in me…”

More news on the iPad 2- “…a dominator”

Images: Dave Coverly’s Speed Bump, via GoComics

future shock!

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