The impact of the E-book

mike peters’ Mother Goose and Grimm

Please check out this insightful essay from author Nicole Krauss, writing for this month’s The New Republic:

“Writer’s Block: The End of Bookstores”

“…The Internet has co-opted the word “browse” for its own purposes, but it’s worth pointing out the difference between browsing in a virtual realm and browsing in the actual world … To have access to everything may be to have nothing in particular.”

Why, does it seem, these mediums (print books <-> e-books) are unable to coexist on the plains of our preferences –

Fellow FPL staffer Darlene has bugged me to read Krauss for months now, and this is the first actual piece of writing I’ve indulged – I’m a believer now.

We have two books of hers, (printed copies, not electronic); there’s Darlene’s personal favorite History of Love, and the very recent Great House.

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