11 Words + Atlas Shrugged

Wordsmith Frank Luntz mused on the social impact certain words can have, via an essay at Huffingtonpost.com. Whether motivational, provocative or profound– “Words Matter.” But, bear in mind, Luntz is dabbling in the Stephen Colbert-ian “truthiness” vernacular realm, with more innovative words or chunks of phrases.

“Imagine” … “still the most powerful word in the English language…When you want to inspire, imagine is the language vehicle.” – read more





~~~In other book news – I’ll tell ya, I never thought it could be done, but… Ayn Rand’s proselytizing opus, her gaping Galt opera, her manifesto for “objectivism,” Atlas Shrugged…has been, apparently, translated into a movie. Eek… Check the scoop from Paste

We’ll see what happens – It comes in two parts, with the first out in April. Here’s an early review.

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