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~~~March 2nd was the National Endowment for the Arts’ 14th annual Read Across America Day and First Lady Michelle Obama read Dr. Seuss’ classic “Green Eggs and Ham” to hundreds of students at the White House. Head to the Huffingtonpost for their article on Read Across America 2011.

Head over to the Michigan Policy Network site to read the disconcerting news about Michigan’s State Board of Education finding that, on rigorous national tests, only about 30% of Michigan’s students rank as “proficient.” Michigan Board of Education Approves an Increase in Cut Scores for the MEAP and Michigan Merit Exam

For empathetic/philanthropic readers who’d like to make a donation to the National Endowment of the Arts (and thus prop events like Read Across America) – click here

~~~For a bit more disconcerting news – avid book shoppers will have a few less local outlets to peruse – as Michigan-founded Borders Files for Bankruptcy-

~~~Well…transitioning from the brick and mortar book store experience to the online/on-the-go reading experience… GoodReads (which combines the experience of an online social network “book club” with your own digitized personal book log, but the site) now has it’s own iPhone app!
Let’s say you’re perusing your local library… or one of the surviving Borders’ outlets and you want to know what you should read next. Now, GoodReads’ App will allow you to:

*Browse your shelves! Next time you are in the library or bookstore, your to-read list will be handy.
* Add status updates and reviews of books you are reading.
* See book reviews and updates from your friends, and comment on them.
* Explore your friends shelves
* Explore some of popular book lists
* View literary events near you

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