Library OPENS Feb 21st – Amensty Period for Overdue/Lost Material

Got an exorbitant fine? Got a meager or affordable-sized fine? Or, have you recently found a library book you had checked out in 2004, or, heck, 1997… and had forgotten about all this time?

Well, now’s your chance to return your overdue or lost materials -free of charge.  

The Ferndale Public Library will reopen on Monday, Feb 21 at 9:00 am, ending its 10-week closure period needed for necessary repair and reinstallation of carpet and furniture resulting from extensive flood damage sustained on Thanksgiving.
To welcome our patrons back, we are offering a two-week amnesty period for overdue fines and lost book fees. From the first day we open–Feb 21 – to Mar 7patrons can return any number of material, books, dvds, audiobooks, regardless of how long they’ve been overdue (even if they are, in fact, considered “lost” in our files), you can return them during these two weeks and be charged nothing.

Read the press release from the Ferndale Public Library’s main site.

Now, bear in mind – overdue materials returned AFTER Mar 7th (the end of the 2-week amnesty) will not be free of charge.

Other updates:

From Ed Burns, Head of Reference and Interim Director: “If patrons have placed items on hold for pick up at other libraries and they have not yet arrived, they can send an email to”

No books in our general collection were harmed when an unexplained failure by our rainwater recycling system caused the dumping of around 15,000 gallons of water into our mezzanine (eventually leaking through the ceiling and ruining some drywall, a few computers and significantly soaking majority of the building’s carpeting).

Next month the library will start its annual community-wide read program. The book for this year’s Ferndale Reads is The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.

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