The Book of Lost Things

I’m telling you, now…, Get Excited

A.) The Library will be open, again!, so soon!

B.) And, for this post’s sake, more importantly, we will soon have our Kick Off Party for this year’s Ferndale Reads Program, featuring John Connolly’s The Book of Lost Things.

Now, for those who remember, last year, the FPL spearheaded a string of literary events hosted by various businesses, groups, collectives and citizens situated throughout Ferndale, centering around Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon.

For those of you new to this–> Think: City-wide book club.

We provide you with the “book” (400 copies recently arrived at our door step) – you read through it and get “lost” …lost inside the fantastic, curious, dangerous and thought-provoking world of the Book of Lost Things. Then, come out around town (either to the Library, to Go! Comedy, to AJ’s Cafe, The Emory, Treat Dreams or other locales) – acquaint yourselves with fellow book enthusiasts (and library patrons) and share your perspectives on the book. Or… simply share your own nuanced proclivities related to the noble hobby / mind-expanding pursuit… of READING.

Acquaint yourself with The Book of Lost Things


The Kick Off will be an open mic night, on March 3rd, hosted at the Library.

And please stay tuned for information regarding our re-opening… (for those just joining us, we’ve been closed for eight weeks while recovering from extensive flood damage) – Our drywall is restored, and our new carpeting, as of this week is quite close to being completely installed.  

In the meantime:

Discussion sessions, movie “theme” nights and a visit from the author forthcoming

March 3 – 6 PM – The Crooked Man’s Open Mic Night
March 7 – 7 PM – The Secret Garden
March 10 – 8 PM – Go Comedy!  
March 12 – 1 PM – Book Discussion at AJ’s Café  
March 14 – 7 PM – Coraline March 15 – 7 PM – Book Discussion at Treat Dreams  
March 17 – 12:30 PM Book Discussion with Thursday Afternoon Book Club   
March 17 – 8 PM – Go Comedy!  
March 19 – 3:30 PM – Storytellers  
March 21 – 7 PM – Pan’s Labyrinth March 24 – 7:30 PM – Emory Book Party
March 24 – 8 PM – Go Comedy!  
March 28 – 7 PM – The Wizard of Oz Sing-a-long
March 29 – 7 PM John Connolly Visit 
March 29 – 8 PM Friends of the Ferndale Library Club (discussion following John Connolly visit)
March 31 – 8 PM – Go Comedy!
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