Book Party – 1/20 – Emory


Long time no see. While the Ferndale Public Library has new/dry carpetning installed, (having sustained flood damage at the end of November), the staff has spread out to surrounding area libraries like Royal Oak and Hazel Park. These two libraries, just as Oak Park and Berkley, or Huntington Woods, are prime locations for Ferndale residents to continue utilizing library resources – you can also arrange to have your reqeusts picked up at these locations. (More info).

If you’d like to catch up with us, as well as congregate with a bevy of other fellow patrons and reading enthusiasts, we will be, once again, joining the Emory (in Ferndale) in hosting a BOOK PARTY – a community-wide book club, of sorts, where we gather to discuss the ins and outs of a particular book: its strengths, its weaknesses, intricacies, themes, symbols and commentaries/reflections upon domestic-or-foreign cultures.

On Thursday, Jan 20th – we unpack Pearl S. Buck’s Pulitzer Prize winner, The Good Earth.

A farmer in per-revolution China rises to manage his own household, his own land, and learns to be a family man – weathering the emotions of his new, growing family as much as the harsh obtacles of poverty, class and  mother nature.

Read more from Good Reads.

And learn about the book here, which was eventually adapted into a film.

“Show your library card (any library card will do) for a free well drink, draft, or house wine between 7:30 and 9:30 PM.

Please feel free to come if you haven’t read or finished the book. It’s a party not a club and we want people who love books to meet other people who love books!”

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