Year End (Lists) (…and some library news)

The carpeting (most of it) will soon be coming out of the library. After New Year’s (and the completion of an environmental air test), crews will start installing the new carpet (and some new tiling) – as part of restoration from water damage caused by the flooding of our mezzanine. (Catch up on that news here).

So…sad to say, we are still “closed” to the public. Your FPL staff is still working, diligently, inside (cramped together in the children’s area, maneuvering and moving between shunted shelves and discharging crates of in-coming books). We are also helping out at other libraries – as you have probably been visiting locations like Royal Oak or Hazel Park for your library needs, perhaps you’ve seen our smiling, eager faces there to greet you. We hope to be back in our building within 5-6 weeks time and open for the public – but that is dependent on other circumstances – so stay tuned.

We, again, thank you for your patience and understanding – and remind you that your library card grants you equal access at almost any library in Oakland County (except Troy). So please, contniue using one of society’s most vital resources, aka – the public library – whichver town’s is currently best/personally convenient.

All that said – the Observer wanted to provide a modest list of 2010’s Best Books – as judged from an arc of sources – to perhaps aid you in making some reading lists through January…leading up to Ferndale’s inevitable re-opening.

Publisher’s Weekly Best Books of 2010

Amazon’sTop 25 Books of 2010

NPR’S – Best Books of 2010

Publisher’s Weekly – Best Cookbooks of 2010

Washington Post’s Best Nonfiction of 2010

and…one of my favorite culture magazines, Paste, hasn’t posted it’s Best Books list for this year…yet… there is this fun link – which could sate a bit of the junkfood readers (and moviegoers) out there.

Five Things to do while you wait for the Harry Potter conclusion

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