Temporary Closing; The Library Network

Hello FPL patrons.

The damage is worse than we’d first expected. (Read an update from the Daily Tribune). More than 10,000 gallons of water spilled out from the mechanical room in our mezzanine. Though the general collection (books, dvds, audiobooks, cds, magazines) is unharmed, there is exstensive damage to the walls and carpeting.

The Ferndale Public Library will remain closed for at least 8 weeks, providing the time needed for removal/replacement of the building’s carpetning and the drying out of the concrete floor.

We greatly appreciate your patience. It is doubly regretable in light of the month’s worth of time the Ferndale area spent without a library due to our summer’s long move (and set up) inside this recently renovated space.

It is a prime time to appreciate and utilize the Library Network – All Ferndale Public Library cardholders have equal access to southeast Michigan’s public library cooperative. Essentially, you’re library card works at dozens of Oakland county libraries just like your Ferndale card. FPL patrons can walk in off the street to Hazel Park’s, Berkley’s, Royal Oak’s and Oak Park’s Public Libraries and be able to check out materials.

While we dry off – Here is a full list of the libraries to which you’ll have access.

And, again, we appreciate your patience during this period of re-restoration.  

All programming for the month of December has been cancelled. More info

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