Stitches – 11/18 – Emory

November’s half over. Which means the year is almost up. Once 2011 gets going, we here at FPL will rev up our “Ferndale Reads” campaign, a community-book-club affair that connects the neighborhood through discussion forums and special activities hosted throughout the city.

Last spring, readers shared the experience of Dashiell Hammett’s immortal hard-boiled noir chronicle The Maltese Falcon. We met for informal “book parties” at the Emory to discuss the novel as well as joined the Kulick Community Center and Go! Comedy in hosting special events like classic 40’s noir cinema screenings or themed improv shows reenacting the story of Sam Spade.

So get ready for 2011! Cuz we’ll have another book unveiled in the winter time.

BUUUUUT – In the meantime – you should come to the Emory on Thursday evening and acquaint yourselves with The FPL “Book Party” vibe. Meet your new bookworm buddies who are likely living just a couple streets away and find out what they thought about our featured book:

Stitchesby (Michigan author) David Small – this graphic novel framed memoir depicts the austere, smoke curtained urban odyssey of 1950’s and 60’s Detroit through the eyes of a very quiet, still-waters-run-deep type of boy inside the house of a distant Radiologist father and a chilly begrudging mother. The images of the city range from staggeringly realistic to the ethereal, a  storybook-ish half-nightmare. Through pastoral interludes that calm between fits of quiet tension inside his house, Small galvanizes a haunting beauty out of the plaintive depictions of our empty, factory loomed streets.

Read it. Then come talk about it. Your first drink is free if you show your library card. Join the table. Join the discussion. And get ready for 2011’s “Ferndale Reads.”

The Emory in Ferndale – 22700 Woodward Avenue

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