College Seminar and Résumé Workshop at FPL this week

One sonorous sentiment to take away from these mid-term elections is that the uncertainty of the economy is still weighing heavily upon the minds of the electorate.

Two particular segments of the population are understandably wary of the economy (new college students + new/current job-seekers) and will likely look to meticulously structure a strategy of how to best survive the financial squalls that lie ahead, as the country regains it’s footing.

For college students, the FPL will host a seminar on Saving for College, addressing the current costs of higher education and strategies for saving, investing, and identifying opportunities for financial assistance. – Nov 9th – 7pm – in the library community room.

Later on, over the weekend, FPL community room hosts a Résumé Workshop –  discussing: * The items you need to create a résumé. * Do I use an objective or a summary and why? * What do I need to add throughout my resume? * What information should be omitted from my resume? – Nov 11th – 1pm – library community room

Contact the Ferndale Library for reservations

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