Halloween at the FPL

As you can see <–
we’re having our annual Halloween party, Saturday, at the FPL.

Costumes are highly encouraged.

In fact, we’ll offer not only treats for youthful tricksters, but we will have a costume contest (with a winner announced at the end of the party- 6:30pm – 8:30pm). Please bring one non-perishable item to benefit the Zion Lutheran Food Bank.

There will also be a live performance from the Brainstormers educational theater.


-It’s almost Halloween – if you don’t have your costume yet, then one hopes you at least have some good seasonal books to read.

The website Dread Central offers an extensive list of both fiction and non-fiction, including “Horror! 333 Films to Scare You to Death”

Vermont based The Advocate featured a handful of books on Witches and Ghosts.

The Huffington Post provided a link to the blog Book Tryst that indulged one of our nuanced fears – that of insects – a list of rare books is included.

For more, from HuffPo – check out their feature on “7 Spooky Movies Based On Books.” (…this writer’s personal favorite: “The Shining.”)


And if that’s not enough Halloween for you – make sure to swing by the FPL on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm for Undead Monday Movies! This week (10/25) it’s:

Count Yorga Vampire (1970). Rated PG-13 for vampire violence/gore and some sensuality.Three young couples attend a seance at a southern California mansion. The host of the seance, Count Yorga, was involved with the recently deceased mother of one of the attendees. As the days pass, each member of the party drops off one by one, drained of blood, until the remaining few become reluctant hunters, face to fang with Count Yorga, Vampire. 

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