National Digital Library? + local communities saving/propping-up their libraries

Perhaps you’ve “checked-out” books electronically… one could do it via the Overdrive e-book database (accessible via the Ferndale Public Library‘s main site, here, or here), but have you considered the potential of a National Digital Library? Robert Darnton of the New York Review of Books–blog has posited such… “It would be the digital equivalent of the Library of Congress, but instead of being confined to Capitol Hill, it would exist everywhere, bringing millions of books and other digitized material within clicking distance of public libraries, high schools, junior colleges, universities, retirement communities, and any person with access to the Internet.” (link)


Looking at grassroots campaigns to support public libraries throughout the nation:

The Santa Barbara Public Library System (CA) hosted the first “Library Snapshot Day” at each of it’s branches. To “demonstrate the importance of public libraries to the community, as well as encourage donations.” (from U of C Santa Barbra’s The Daily Nexus)

Also – residents of Belmont MA mobilized to re-open the doors of their public library. Benton Library Refuse Committee and the Friends of the Benton Library drew up a two-year license to run the library with the help of private donations. (link, via ‘’)


What is more important in a library than anything else – than everything else – is the fact that it exists.  ~Archibald MacLeish, “The Premise of Meaning,” American Scholar, 5 June 1972

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