E – OED? Oxford to go Electronic?

London’s online Daily Mail has assigned R.I.P. for the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) as the CEO of the stalwart institution of lexicography, The Oxford University Press, has indicated the next complete edition (its third) could be published online. This well-written article (^) brings home the potential gravity of the shift, particularly from this London source’s frame, with the language of England being one the country’s “greatest export.”

You can read another view of it from The Baltimore Sun’s book-angled blog, Read Street.

And more – from The Washington Post.

The green argument alone could seal it – as the paper required, the weight hindering mobility/browse-ability and the shelves they take up are considerable – but, as is the ever lingering crux beneath most “book news” posts, as they endemically are dominated by electronic-ification of past institutions – how does it change the way we relate to the written word? Will we even be able to properly tell, yet?

Probably not…, not yet. We can reconvene, years later, via Spacebook or an iPad-linked-message board, to debate when OED 4th edition comes out, or rather… heh, gets uploaded.

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