Gary Shteyngart’s “Super Sad True” story of “smelly” books

Award-winning novelist Gary Shteyngart has brought some charm (albeit dark) to the dystopia genre. (Debuted July 27 – via Random House). Info

With sharp wit and intelligence, he portrays a world not-so-far into the future where 22-year-olds are already a million miles ahead of 39-year-olds – the up-and-coming generation having accelerated into a disarmingly fast rhythm of push-button acquisition for total data-retreival and know-it-all-comprehension via their magic wand-like/iPhone-resembling devices called äppärät(s)… …it is, indeed, super sad, as it is a “love” story sutured together in this disconcerting future… but still amusing with its colorful characters and essentially zany yet surreally viable circumstances.

Not so much an age where books are burned or outlawed, but merely mocked, belittled…and steadily forgotten…as we all become attached to our distractive new telecommuno-media-toys.

Read Diana Beth Solomon’s piece from the L.A. Times

More info from Random House

Photo: Brigitte Lacombe

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