The Digital(ly displayed) Bookshelf

One of the musings from High Fidelity that always stuck with me (for better or worse) when it came to relationships or dating or first impressions, etc – was that, essentially, it mattered less what one is like…but, instead, what one likes… Taste as an indicator of personality. I know, shallow elitism.

But still, on some level, it is a helpful indicator or guidepost when getting to know someone – especially in a potentially (or hopefully) eventual-romantic connection…

Check out Mark Oppenheimer’s essay on …”why we’ll miss a world where books make the first move…” In the wake of Amazon’s E-book sales finally surpassing print books for a sustained period, Oppenheimer wrote (at about the unique impediment your iPod, flash drives and smart-phones can create for those traversing the dating scene. “Personal libraries” are now hidden in these handheld data storage units as opposed to standing out on display via a dusty bookshelf near the coffee table and love seat. One cannot traipse by a new acquaintance’s “collection” the same way one could if various book spines (or vinyl sleeves) were facing out, informatively, when, instead, we are all in our own headphone set worlds listening to our own personal collectioins from screens as tiny as a few centimeters on the latest gizmo in our pockets.

Afterwards, Eleanor Barkhorn, The Atlantic’s culture channel editor, rose to defend the sustainability of romance in the age of kindles

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