Barnes & Noble mulls sale; Borders opens digital store

The Formats They Are a’ Changin

News on the latest financial trevails of the top two chains in the bookselling industry – the Michigan based Borders and New York based Barnes & Noble – as each have been riding a wave of ups and downs in the face of the E-Book Market (Amazon/Kindle) continuing it’s undermining the pillars of physical sales.

This lead to: Borders to open it’s own E-Book store (last month) and now, this week, news came that Barnes & Noble would put itself up for sale. (But the good news for B&N was, it’s shares soared after the news hit).

It continues to be a painful transition time for many industries – if it’s book publishers and retailers struggling against the drift of popular tastes towards digital downloads (Kindle); or in music, record companies seeing similar digital purchases (iTunes) or worse, piracy…and then the film industry, where piracy is a similar concern, but then you have the Netflix generation of film viewers who have girded their patience and bypassed theatre debuts to wait just-those-4-extra-months for the DVD.

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