Have You Read (It) Yet?

“The Girl Who Became Polarizing”

So if you’ve floated anywhere near the front window of a Barnes & Noble lately…, or maybe there’s chatter circulating your own social circle’s book club…, or maybe you’ve heard it for the 8th or 9th time via the Today Show… (or maybe you’ve heard of the forthcoming U.S. production of a film adaptation), however – by now The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo are buzz words likely bludgeoned (or cushioned) into the cerebral folds of any book enthusiast’s brain.

The trap of these popularity-craze-books, be they Harry Potter’s or the True Blood “Dead/Sookie Stackhouse” series or whatever is that they inevitably segregate the page turners into camps – the enamored and dedicated fans vs the haters: either those just being rebellious as a knee-jerk reaction to trends or those who heard their friends rave  about–then they just don’t get it or they just don’t feel the same way about it as their friends did… the let-down of hyperbole.

I’m worried this is also happening with the Inception craze… (but I hope not, since I would count myself on the enamored/dedicated side and would have to fight people rebelling against it).

Anyhow – here are a few thoughtful posts from the Huffington post, centering around the “Millenium Trilogy” (the name of the saga by the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson) – first – Ilana Teitelbaum’s “The Girl Who Read Enough Stieg Larsson” and followed with former Free Press contributor “The Guy Who was Glad to Hear Somebody Read Enough Stieg Larsson” – While I don’t have any links to essays extolling the trilogy – but you can scroll below and you can see plenty of Girl Who devotees firing back in the comments section.

Well, in any case: The recent surge in popularity (Entertainment Weekly deemed it the “hottest book in the world”) lead us here at the Ferndale Library to order more copies. And while the Swedes have already adapted the film – the Americans are going to take a crack at it anyway.

So what’s the verdict? How much of those “craze” “phenomenon” works out there are truly profound and stupendous… or truly junk food?

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