Book News: Woody Allen / Troy Library / New FPL is almost ready

Auteur of the neurotic and surreal/dark-comedy, Woody Allen has, seemingly, given in and embraced the ‘on-the-go’ nature of this ever accelerating high-tech world. Even if the-still-quite-industrious filmmaker (still) doesn’t own a computer and expressed “zero interest in technology,” he has recently made himself accessible to PC perusing CD/MP3-crowd of book enthusiasts by recording audiobooks of his four essay collections.


Find more info from Allen’s new site. He talks about it further with the New York Times, from the set of his new movie. More news from or from Allen’s new site.

In (other)-local library news –
The Troy Public Library is looking for volunteers – for shelf surveillance and order maintenance. The northern Oakland community has been working to balance a budget shortfall and has since seen it’s library come under impending risk of permanent closure (July 2011). While the Friends of the Troy Public Library work with Citizens to Save The Troy Public Library to hopefully establish an independent library, the TPL is hoping for help from concerned community members in maintaining orderly shelves. Log on to find volunteer forms and information about adopting a shelf!

And, to keep you updated from inside the new(ly) renovated Ferndale Public Library – I wish there was a better variation of the phrase “…we’re almost ready” when I say, that, assuredly, we are closer than ever. Look for announcements from this page. Our new computers are set up. The new circulation technology has been installed. And when you come for your first visit, it is going to be a great experience. Ask us anything, we’ll fill you in on all mini-library-set-adventures we, as a staff, have been experiencing while steadily piecing together the various ins and outs of our new library.

Look for us in August! See you all soon. Thanks for your support.

Coming this week: Info on The Library Network and our various collaborating communities of our library co-operative. News regarding new policies for setting up library cards. And news about – our new acquisitions! We want to help you get a wee bit more “summer reading” in, whether it’s the new Dan Silva or a sorely missed Alan Moore graphic novel.

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