Old Library New Library

Reporting to you from inside the newly rennovated Ferndale Public Library – we are almost online. And I mean that both figuratively, in that we are assuredly just about physically set and prepared, but literally -from a technology standpoint as we get all of our computers (for staff and public use) “online.” A spate of new PCs have  slowly trickled in through our new double glass doors from varoius rumbling semi-trucks, as the pieces (the computers being the last/and considerably crucial pieces) all come into place!


So, now that the “true” opening day is drawning near (ever nearer, post “community preview party”) I thought it’d be time for a retrospective on “The Big Move” – and show you some pictures of way-back-when, in March 2009, when the staff (aided invaluably by Corrigan Moving), began packing up all the books and emptying out the old dusty library (worn down over the years from frequent heartening visits from an ever-supportive community), and headed east, down 9-mile, to a similarly dusty, not-entirely-cozy, factory space as a temporary location.

We were down at 642 E. Nine Mile for 13 months before packing up–again–and moving–again. The staff is now sufficiently settled into our new shiny space station of a library, with state of the art architectural designs (heating, cooling, lighting, gray water recycling, green roofs, energy efficient bulbs) and a staggering, sleek new look, overall! Definitely cozy. For more information on our enhancements – read this story from American Libraries Magazine or this previous Observer post.

Stay tuned to the Observer for an official Opening Date!

Empy shelves on the inside of “the old” library



And a bit of understandable chaos outside, from construction machines and our own staff



A sufficiently “empty” feeling, a bit forlorn, somewhat stark…


A solitary tear wells up in Big Bear’s eye


But soon – his heart is warmed by the sight of the new library and it’s Reading Room’s cozy fire place.


And, the bridge, where our reference librarians take requests and help you find information – (…and maybe sometimes make the jump to hyperspace)



Photos: Kelly Bennett

More info – Friends of the Ferndale Library

Thanks for your support!

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