Libraries in Malls

That’s right – housed between Hot Topic and the Cinnabon stand could be some book shelves of new Dan Brown’s or the new “movie poster” editions re-released for Eat Prey Love – only it won’t be a Borders or Barnes & Noble offering you a sale, it’ll be a modest branch of your public library lending these out for circulation.

No, please forigve that characteristically bloggish hyperbole – but the news has come in from the Associated Press: Libraries focus on convenience with mall locations 

But, initially, this would-be community Book Nook inside the bustle and fountain rush of a mall’s linoleum jungle is meant for children ages 12-and-under. Assuredly, taking the little ones to the “local” (even in a mall)- library is always a preferred activity over a McPlayPlace or wherever, so it serves as a good stop for shopping families, firstly, and secondly, as Sari Feldman, president of the Public Library Association mentions in the story, it is meant as a way to “reintroduce” communities to their libraries and increase convenience.

As weird as it seems and as sullying as it may seem on the surface to put the noble walls of a library inside a shrine of consumerism, until I see evidence that suggests otherwise, I have to believe that more-libraries-anywhere can only be a good thing, wherever they pop up.

Weeds of knowledge and democracy.

Libraries are not made; they grow.”
– Augustine Birrell

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